Dear Sir / Madam

As the head of the enterprise Guéridon Assistance please allow me to briefly introduce my company and the idea that led to its creation.

What does the expression Guéridon mean?

This is a word of French origin and it means a small table; this may not sound very exciting at first but if you use the word at the right time it certainly gains new meaning and shows just how much is hidden behind this single word.

The appearance of the guéridon table may be traced back to the mid-17th century and the Versailles palace of Louis XIV already held several hundreds of them. Imagine an ornamented, beautifully crafted small wooden table on which vases and other decorative items or candle holders were placed, but which, as time passed by, was used by the servants to serve dishes or to store other accessories. It served as a means of support, a solid basis.


This is why I have chosen the word Guéridon as a name for my enterprise.

A solid basis may be essential in every area of our life!

This is the support provided to you by Guéridon Assistance in everyday life, whether you need to find a solution for the simplest problem or for the most complex task.


Some words about my person

My name is Gábor Ley, I was born in Budapest in 1978 and have been living here until today.

I hold a diploma in history from the University Eötvös Loránd since 2005. During my University years, I gained ample experience and a wide-ranging knowledge that helped me prevail in all areas of life.

As a family tradition, I started to work in the field of diplomacy already during my studies.

After long years of hard work, during which I climbed all the steps of the career ladder in the field of event management and diplomatic service, I got to know many nations’ cultures, gastronomy and behavioral habits. I have gained a complex knowledge among others in the field of residence management and theoretical as well as practical protocol management.

Quality service of course requires continuous learning and development, therefore, beyond my practical experience, I have also acquired a qualification as a protocol manager and speak, besides English, also the Swedish language.

After thorough preparation, I felt that the moment has come for me to place my knowledge at your service.

I am looking forward to working with you!

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